More Amazing Trailers From E3

More sweet trailers keep pushing the envelope.

More sweet trailers keep pushing the envelope.

The week is over, so that means E3 is sadly over, but a few more goodies trickled out after the event. With those goodies were more trailers for more awesome games. The trailers keep hitting us with amazing graphics or story. Question is, will that translate into graphics and stories for the games as well or leave us more disappointed from their absence?

How did I miss Bloodborne?

PlayStation put forward one of their exclusives and it’s a hit right off the bat. Creepy and dark. I honestly can’t tell if the main character will be the bad guy or the good guy. The empty baby carriage and the hairless zombie dogs set the mood pretty quickly. The man killing the dog is even creepier. This is an example of a trailer that doesn’t tell you much about the game, but oh man do we want in! Also, watch to the very end of this trailer.

The gameplay trailer was the big reveal at E3 for this game. It seems to have a Dark Souls or Fable vibe walking around the world. There was plenty of choppy movement and pixellated moments. Let’s hope these bits will be cleaned out by the time the game hits.

Gameplay or Cinematic?

It brought up plenty of questions whether the Far Cry 4 trailer was actual gameplay or a cinematic version of it. It looks to match plenty of the cinematic quality of games previewed this year and only a few true gameplay trailers like Division look anything this good. Before too long, it will be next to impossible to tell the difference between cinematic and gameplay. Will cinematic no longer be necessary?

Not Quite as Profound as the First

The Dead Island 2 trailer is more amusing than anything and nothing like the original. The first one told us a sad story, in reverse. This one is a simple transformation of the trailers main character running along, oblivious to all that is going around him. Instead of one of the many accidents in the background turning him into a zombie, he is already bit. We start to see his gruesome transformation with several body parts falling off. Just for kicks, his face is on a gym billboard at the end and a survivor takes his shoes.


If anything, these trailers did everything they could to prove the new limits of next-gen gaming. The Xbox One and the PS4 have some work to do if they intend to keep pushing the limits of gameplay graphics. Better graphics can lead to slow load times or choppy game play. A word of caution, let’s keep the gameplay at its best first and foremost.

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