More Than 100,000 WoW Accounts Have Been Banned

More than 100,000 thousand World of Warcraft players using bots have had their accounts banned.

More than 100,000 thousand World of Warcraft players using bots have had their accounts banned.

Blizzard have recently taken action against more than 100,000 players of World of Warcraft by hitting them with bans, specifically players found using a bot of any kind. This ban isn’t permanent, but it will last for six months.

Let’s take a ‘byte’ into bots

Bots are pieces of third-party software which allow players to automate a process like huge, complicated macro. They’re used for gathering gold, raiding, or for something as a simple as walking/flying.

Bots are used for a range of things, from complicated to mundane, and anyone found using a bot will also get a ban. No matter how menial the task it’s being used for is.

Many players are understandably upset by this, and many just want clarification over what is a bannable offence, with one user asking if a macro which presses keys ‘X+L’ when only key ‘X’ is pressed is a bannable offence.

The World of Warcraft Community Manager, Micah “Bashiok” Whipple, tweeted out saying:

ToU means Terms of Use, these are basically the Terms of Service, but a different name for it.

Does Honorbuddy have honor? Yes, they know when they are beaten

Honourbuddy is a tool designed to farm honor rep in battlegrounds, the creators of this tool have made an official statement.


It seems like Honorbuddy was detected, we are not sure, but looking at the BAN THREADS, we think that it’s the most likely option atm.


Honorbuddy had not a single software detection. It seems there is one now.

The team have since shut their Honourbuddy Authentication system down.

Is this a win for players?

If you want a quick taste of some of the problems botting is causing, within WoW, take a look at this video bellow.

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