Mortal Kombat Kollection Online May No Longer Be Kanceled

Previously thought canceled, this remaster of the first three Mortal Kombat titles just reappeared.

Previously thought canceled, this remaster of the first three Mortal Kombat titles just reappeared.

Rumors of remastered Mortal Kombat titles have swirled for years now, but the latest news back in April indicated Mortal Kombat Kollection Online had been KO’d. The classic games that kicked off the gory fighting genre were seemingly left behind. 

However, there’s been a surprising development in the planned remaster of the first three MK games. PEGI, the European games rating board, just put up an 18+ rating for a new Mortal Kombat entry with the same title. The title is said to include online play, updated art, and upgraded gameplay.

According to the listing, the game is set to release on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s doubtful, though, that it will make its listed January 21, 2020 launch date as that date has already passed. 

As of writing, it remains unclear if the rating means Mortal Kombat Kollection Online is back in production, or, perhaps, the developers had previously submitted for a rating and PEGI just wasn’t up with the cancelation news. If the former is the case, get ready for an official announcement soon now that the rating news has leaked.

In the meantime, Mortal Kombat 11 keeps getting new cross-universe DLC characters. After the Terminator and Joker appeared on the roster as new fighters, we’ll get the Hellish Spawn in March.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and info on Mortal Kombat and the Mortal Kombat Kollection as it enters the arena. 

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