Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition Making Its Way to PC!

Mortal Kombat + PC = Toasty!

Mortal Kombat + PC = Toasty!
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Finally, ever since they released Super Street Fight 4, for the PC I have been waiting for another fighting game–and now it’s Mortal Kombat! Even though they do have older Mortal Kombat games already on the PC, those just don’t do the franchise justice. I grew up on the very first Mortal Kombat game, playing as Scorpion and using his signature move the ‘deadly spear’ and hearing his famous quote “Get over here!”

I also loved the story in the first game and am excited to hear that this game is telling the story from the first three original games. Although I was hoping to play as some of the bosses such as Goro, Shao Khan or Kintaro, you still get to fight them, which is cool! So get your fight sticks out and dust them off, unless of course you have been using it for the XBOX or PS3 then just get them ready for the PC!

All the goodies in the Komplete Edition!

This complete edition will come with all of the DLC Mortal Kombat has to offer; the complete roster which includes 32 playable characters, classic skins and fatalities. Bring back those fond memories of burning your victims with Scorpion or crushing them with Sub-Zero’s ice fatality! So move over Injustice, let your older brother take the spotlight now, and from the words of Ed Boon, “Toasty!”

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