Mortal Kombat X Starts Rolling Out On Android

Mortal Kombat X starts rolling out on Android in certain regions, but it isn't the game you think it is.

Mortal Kombat X starts rolling out on Android in certain regions, but it isn't the game you think it is.

Not too long ago Mortal Kombat X was released on both the iPhone and iPad and now it looks like the game is currently starting to roll out on Android in certain regions. You can access the game on the Google Play store, but it will give you an error saying that it cannot be installed on your devices country.

However, before you get your hopes up, you should keep in mind that this game isn’t a typical fighter. This game was designed from the ground up on mobile, which brings with it all of the issues that many mobile gaming have.

The first issue with the game is the controls. It’s a tap/gesture-based game where you simply tap the screen to attack and follow gestures that occasionally pop up to perform combos. This is something that works, but isn’t what you first think of when a fighting game is brought to mind. The game is also set around creating a team of three characters for matches instead of your typical 1v1 fighter. 

The second and biggest issue for the game is how it is monetized. Initially, the game is free to download, but getting characters takes two options. Playing the game with characters you don’t like for hours/days on end in order to get the premium currency to purchase them, or purchase them with actual money. If you are looking to unlock every character at once, it will cost you over $300 to do so, but I don’t see anyone wanting to do that as it would be quite silly.

In the end the game is still Mortal Kombat, just adapted to a platform that doesn’t offer traditional controls. The graphics look great, the sound is good, and you could possible get a decent amount of entertainment at 0 cost. If you are looking to pick up the game be sure to keep on eye on the Google Play Store as it should be available soon.

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