Moverio BT-200 Transforms Future Possibilities for Nintendo 3DS

Epson's Moverio BT-200 intelligent glasses are the next generation in AR games technology capable of seamlessly combining digital content with the real world.

Nintendo 3DS system users in the future will be playing new and inventive AR games, once AR game developers get their hands on Epson’s next generation Moverio BT-200 binocular display. 

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Featuring a sporty, sleek look, and the latest in augmented reality technology, Epson’s new Moverio BT-200 intelligent glasses implement a small projection system in the lenses and optical light guides in the sides. This allows Epson’s new Moverio BT-200 to project digital content on to the lenses of the glasses, creating an augmented reality which is both digital and real-world. Perfect for giving AR game developers the augmented reality technology they need to create AR games 3DS users will play until the cows come in.


AR games are video games designed to operate on a Nintendo 3DS system using one of the six AR Cards included with each system purchased. You just start the AR Games application included with each Nintendo 3DS system and place an AR Card of your choosing on a flat surface to view using the camera on the Nintendo 3DS system.

The AR game you want to play will appear like magic on the surface you have selected. There are a number of different AR games players can select from, including everyone’s favorite Nintendo hero, Mario. With the new Moverio BT-200 intelligent glasses, the future of AR games and gaming is looking a lot… fuzzier.

During the months and years ahead Nintendo 3DS system users can expect to be playing AR games like Pokedex 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Tetris: Axis and even more.

Watch this YouTube video on game developers working on games for the Moverio BT-200:


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