MSI is working on a powerful new PC that can come along anywhere your VR experience takes you.

MSI reveals PC that’s portable and perfect for VR

MSI is working on a powerful new PC that can come along anywhere your VR experience takes you.
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MSI has recently revealed a bizarre and unique personal computer that’s perfect for any of the virtual reality headsets available. This PC can actually be carried around in backpack form wherever people wander in their virtual lands. This means it is perfectly compatible with a multi-green screen set up for full, immersive virtual reality 3D experiences.

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Packed with serious power, it contains an Intel Core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GTX 980 graphics processing unit. Memory wise, it is slated as containing 16 GB of RAM. For its HDD, it will contain a solid state drive of unknown size. The weight of the unit is reported to be over 5kg, around 12 pounds, although MSI has mentioned they are planning to release a retail version below the 5kg mark.

The Backpack PC, as it is portable, will have a battery life of around an hour and a half if the processor and graphics processing unit is pushed during intensive virtual reality gameplay sessions. During a relatively light session, however, with the processing load being light, it will last for around five hours.

Perhaps developing as a trend, there are currently systems being manufactured of this type — including one from Hewlitt Packard (HP) — to capitalize on the growing popularity of virtual reality headsets.

The above image clearly shows the PC functioning with the HTC Vive virtual reality technology, although, MSI has indicated it is also fully compatible with the Oculus Rift.

The above image shows that there appears to be plenty of support from the system’s chunky-looking straps, for safely carrying the computer around.

The above image shows there is plenty of ventilation for the powerful components within, minimizing the chances of overheating.

The MSI Backpack PC is currently scheduled for a mid-to-late 2016 release. The pricing of the unit is currently unannounced. Upon release, the graphics card will likely be upgraded to the most prominent and powerful, the NVIDIA GTX 1080.

Will this PC be a hit? Do you believe this will become a trend involving many more of the largest personal computer manufacturers? Let me know in the comments!

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