My First E3 Experience: Day 3 and the Wrap-Up

E3 Day 3 was an awesome end to an awesome week.

E3 Day 3 was an awesome end to an awesome week.

Yesterday was amazing. I got a chance to try some really awesome games before finally saying goodbye to E3 for the year. While it was no Day 2, it was still an awesome experience nonetheless.

I woke up after only getting 2 and a half hours of sleep feeling like absolute crap, but once again, when I arrived at E3, the tiredness and sick feeling went away and was replaced with an enthusiasm that, outside of the con, I haven’t felt since I was a kid.

I started off my day by playing Killer Instinct and Divekick. I watched two dudes play Divekick for a bit. One was Mike Ross (my favorite pro fighting game player) and the other one looked super familiar, but I could not place a name on his face. While I was watching, Justin Wong happened to stop by for a second to try out one of the games next to Divekick.

Mike Ross lost to his opponent and I stepped up to face him. I chose the wrong gem my first play, putting me at a handicap of 4 out of 5 rounds instantly lost, but the next match we did, I won. When it came down to the last match to decide who would win, it was 4-4. My opponent beat me and proclaimed he was the best. I later on realized I had been fighting against Marn.

I talked to Mike Ross for a little bit. I let him know that he was the reason why I started playing E. Honda since he is beast with him. He apologized for getting me hooked on such a bad character and suggested I find a better one. He was really cool and friendly.

A bit later I wandered on over to the Microsoft area to finally try out the new XBOX ONE controller. I had been avoiding that side the entire time due to really being turned off by the ONE. The controller itself was good, however, and I will be writing my thoughts on it shortly.

I was a frequent attendee of the Nintendo booth today, trying out the new Mario game, Mario Kart 8, the new Donkey Kong, and Bayonetta 2. My wallet is going to be hurting in the future when I pick up a Wii U with all of those games. They were just too good.

I played some more Killer Instinct and Divekick a bit later on. I even played (and won) against the producer of Divekick. It was a very close match and I was super surprised I managed to win.

I spent the last bit of E3 over at the Tecmo Koei booth watching a contest where players had the chance to fight the best female DoA player in the world for the chance to win a shirt if they got her to half health or an arcade stick if they won a round.

I believe only one person got her to half health, but no one was able to beat her in a full round except for the game’s creator. He came out and played her and won. Shortly after, the best player in the world came out and beat him.

Since no one had won the arcade sticks, they started giving them out. We all had to cheer super loud and get people hyped. I didn’t get anything, but I still had a fun time with the crowd.

While I was in the middle of that, my ride called me and I had to leave the hall to be able to hear them on the phone. When I heard myself talk, I realized I had screamed way too much because my voice was the most shot it’s ever been in my entire life. My throat still hurts now. Too hype. Too hype.

The Wrap-Up

So, I figured it’d be fun to give my opinion on what I felt were the best games, booths, and consoles at E3 this year. It’s just my humble opinion, but my humble opinion just so happens to be objective fact so you better agree with me. I mean, come on, I’m an E3 vet now, I know my stuff.

Best playable demos: Dragon’s Crown, Dark Souls II, and surprisingly Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. I know for a fact I will love the crap out of the first two games and the latter is something I am willing to buy day one because the demo was so charming.

Best non-playable demo/trailer: I really liked what I saw of Blackguards when I went to the Daedalic Entertainment press tour/meeting thing. It looks like it will be one of the best PC RPGs in years.

Best booth: I am stuck between MadCatz and Tecmo Koei. I’d say Atlus, but I really only played one game over there (although it was my favorite game.) I spent the most time at those two booths, however, and enjoyed the hell out of DoA5, Divekick, and Killer Instinct.

Most excited for: Dragon’s Crown, obviously, but aside from that, the new Nintendo games look pretty great. I like the changes they made to Mario Kart, I really want to play Pokemon X&Y, and MM in Smash Bros. is just superb.

Most disappointed by: I am seriously upset that Killer Instinct is such a fun game. I do not plan on buying an XBOX ONE at all unless they change their policies, but Killer Instinct is a game I really wish I could own.

Next-Gen Console: If it wasn’t obvious from my other articles or that last bit before this one, Playstation 4 all the way. Although I do plan on picking up a Wii U and PS Vita now because of the stuff I played at E3.

Most Memorable Experience: Mega 64 going in front of me at the Konami booth on Day 1 and meeting Mike Ross on day 3.

Now, have some stupid pictures or something. I took a ton of the PS4, so, enjoy that. My camera died midway through the day so I couldn’t get too many in general, but let’s just pretend the quality makes up for the lack of quantity.

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