Myst Artist Launches Kickstarter for New Puzzle Adventure ZED

Step inside the mind of a Dreamer in Chuck Carter's new game ZED

Step inside the mind of a Dreamer in Chuck Carter's new game ZED
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Acclaimed video game artist Chuck Carter (Myst, Command & ConquerNox) launched a new Kickstarter campaign this week for a new puzzle adventure game called ZED. He and his small Central Maine-based studio Eagre Games are hoping to crowdfund enough money to bring some more talent on board to take ZED into its final stage of development.

The game follows the dreams of an aged and dying man as he attempts to leave behind a legacy for this granddaughter. You are in his dreams, and he is confused by your presence. Does he aid you through your adventure in his psyche or does he hinder your actions? He does need your help, but he doesn’t know why. There are plenty of challenges and puzzles to overcome as you learn about his past and the masterpiece which is slowly beginning to emerge from his mind.

ZED will be a single player game for PC and Mac, and there is currently no estimation on a release date, but if you are interested in seeing what ZED is all about, there is a preview demo available to download on the Eagre Games website.

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