Namco Bandai Developing Wizardry iOS Social Game

Wizardry fans may have something to look forward to on the iOS market sometime in the future.

I like Wizardry. I do not like the shallow gameplay found in social games. Unfortunately, Wizardry: The Demon Tower Wars one may get me to bite if it gets localized.

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According to Siliconera, Namco Bandai will be releasing a Wizardry social game for iOS, and that game’s name is Wizardry: The Demon Tower Wars. The series is extremely popular in Japan, so it’s not a surprise to see the name make its way to the mobile games market.

Wizardry, in all of its incarnations, is a party-based dungeon crawler. It will be interesting to see how Namco Bandai will handle translating what fans love about the series to a more social experience. I can’t say I’m optimistic, but I do look forward to at least seeing how they handle the franchise.

This isn’t the only piece of news we’ve had over the past two years based around this old and beloved series. The Wizardry Online beta is currently ongoing in North America under Sony Online Entertainment, and Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls was released in Europe and North America just last year via the PSN. The series might be old, but it’s still kicking.


Wizardry: The Demon Tower Wars will be released for the iOS in January 2013 and will be free to play, with a dash of micro-transactions. For the time being, I’ll keep poking around with Final Fantasy: Airborne Brigade.

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