NANOS Got Greenlit!

NANOS has been successful Greenlit, and is looking forward to Early Access.

[Note: The author of this article is directly affiliated with the Nanos project] 

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It all started with a very early build which we showed at First Look 2014, but already attracted 800 players in only two days. Which was based on this fake game trailer I made, just to show my concept.


Biggest difference was that our programmer immediately put in a four player version, which I myself hadn’t even come up with. But the success we had, showed us there was more to be gained from the title, so we soon decided to let the people have fun with this version, which you can find here:

Multiplayer version.

And soon continued with a more detailed art style and go for 3D:

But even this version which we eventually used for Greenlight, did not yet fully satisfy me, since it still missed that umph! But yet we wanted to share that version with the community, to get as much feedback as possible:

So after a total of 4 months of hard work, we decided to put NANOS on Greenlight and after 2 months of hard work and a lot of support it got Greenlit.

At that same time, also seemed to get that certain feel that would appeal to more people.

And now we are here, aiming for early access, with still a lot of things we are wishing for to get in the final product, like online gameplay, different game modes and perhaps even a level editor.

For me this was already my second game in one year heading for Steam, but it’s just as nervewrecking as the first project Roche Fusion, which I did with another team.

But for now let us close of with a big THANK YOU, to the whole gaming community and we hope you all like the video with the promise of what to come.

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