Naughty Dog announces The Last Of Us DLCs

The Season Pass for The Last of US DLC will start with four multiplayer maps.

The Season Pass for The Last of US DLC will start with four multiplayer maps.

Most people have heard of the gorgeous post-apocalyptic adventure/shooter The Last of Us with its intricate and heart-breaking story. Since June people have played out the stories of Joel and Ellie. The developers, Naughty Dog, have announced today that “The Abandoned Territories Map Pack” will expand the game on October 15. It will not be a single-player adventure with crazy-making plot twists, but they have promised that it will include breathtakingly broken beautiful landscapes. 

Four New Maps

On October 15 Naughty Dog will begin releasing content for their season pass which will add three DLCs and bonus items to the season, specifically over 60 hats and other head items. The first release will be four multiplayer maps which are, “Suburbs, plagued by random dust storms; Bus Depot, which apparently features wild giraffes; Hometown, a moonlit environment geared towards stealth; and Bookstore, built on two floors.” (Read more) Hopefully they will be interesting, but multiplayer is not where the game shines.

The Story Continues

At the end of December or the beginning of January there will be a DLC that will continue the story of The Last of Us. That’s great news for those of us who played the end of the game and wondered if it could be continued in some way. It’s not necessarily the story of the Fireflies. In fact we know that there is a new character who is currently recording voice-overs but I believe any story the writers at Naughty Dog tell will be exciting. 

The Trifecta

Finally, there will be at least one more DLC in 2014, but that will center around multiplayer content as well. I would argue that the success of The Last of Us was its single-player story mode and Naughty Dog should focus their attention an adding to that part of the game. I would buy single-player DLC, but I’m skipping the first and third installments.

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