Naughty Dog Reportedly Developing The Last of Us Remake

The Last of Us remake might be a thing, a new Bloomberg report says.

The Last of Us remake might be a thing, a new Bloomberg report says.
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Naughty Dog might be developing a The Last of Us remake, Jason Schreier said in a new report from Bloomberg. The project is part of an initiative to package The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2 together for PlayStation 5, the report said.

Specifics are unclear, and neither Sony or Naughty Dog have commented on The Last of Us remake. 

The report is situated amid a bigger story from Schreier about the possible remake’s development cycle. Sony contracted the Visual Arts Service Group studio to develop the project. The plan was initially remaking the original Uncharted, though Sony believed it would be too expensive. 

Then, Sony moved the Visual Arts team onto Naughty Dog to work on The Last of Us 2‘s visuals following its 2019 delay. Sony passed leadership on The Last of Us remake to Naughty Dog in the process, who is still heading up the project now, Schreier said. The report also said Sony might consider moving ahead with the Uncharted remaster depending on how this project goes.

If The Last of Us remake is happening, it would coincide with The Last of Us HBO show as well. Neil Druckmann confirmed the show wouldn’t follow the game to the letter, and it’s possible the TLOU remake could follow the show more than the original game.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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