The NBA 2K League has revealed its beautiful yet simple logo. Take a look at the logo and its design process.

NBA 2K’s eSports League Logo Revealed

The NBA 2K League has revealed its beautiful yet simple logo. Take a look at the logo and its design process.
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If you’re a fan of the NBA and the NBA 2K series of video games, then you may know that a 2K eSports league is on the horizon. In 2018, 17 competitive teams will duel for NBA 2K supremacy in an eSports league unlike any other.  

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It’s a league that will officially be a part of the NBA itself. The logo is an official introduction to something that is historic.  

It’s a symbol that shows us how far video games have come and how much the world of eSports has expanded. When an organization as powerful as the NBA takes ownership of this, then you know it’s a big deal.  

As expected, the logo features the colors of the NBA logo, while also including the iconic NBA 2K font for the letters. Interestingly, there is no silhouette of a human or even a controller.  

The cool reason for this is that the NBA and 2K wanted to exclude a human to let everyone know that the league is for anyone and everyone according to an official email. If you’re an NBA fan, you’ll know that the official logo of the league includes the silhouette of basketball legend Jerry West. 

Instead of a figure, the logo includes a basketball that beautifully features blue and red as the main colors. According to the email, the basketball represents “the common thread between all NBA 2K players.” 

In short, all players come from different walks of life, but at the end of the day, everyone wants to ball. The ball is the one thing that brings everyone together, and the logo does a great job of showing this.  

RARE Design is the company that created the logo. You can view a video of the drawing process below.  

You can also learn more at the official NBA 2K League website.


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