NBA To Open Their Own eSports League

Don't look now, but the NBA has it's own eSports League coming soon.

Don't look now, but the NBA has it's own eSports League coming soon.

Recently, it was announced that the NBA will have its own official eSports league, launching in 2018.

With the NBA partnering with Take-Two Interactive Software to launch the NBA 2K eLeague, this will be one the first eSports leagues to be operated by one of the major pro sports leagues i.n the United States.

As noted by the press release:

The NBA and Take-Two Interactive Software announced early Thursday morning that they are bringing some of the world’s best gamers together to compete while representing actual NBA teams, a competition Commissioner Adam Silver hopes will continue to expand his league’s global brand.

Commissioner Silver has expressed that everyone may not be able to be a professional basketball player, but they may have the skills to be a professional gamer.

The league will launch with eight to 12 teams, with all 30 NBA teams eventually being represented. Teams will consist of five players, and the recruit process and seasons will mirror that of the real-life NBA. An entire season consists of 82 games and then the playoff season. 

Ultimately, the partnership will bring more interest to both professional gaming and the NBA from a younger audience.

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