NeoGeo X Ends Production in Japan

The NeoGeo X has ended production in Japan. Is it about to jump in value?

The NeoGeo X has ended production in Japan. Is it about to jump in value?

The NeoGeo X was released in North America and Europe just over a month ago, but the system is already out of production in Japan. This isn’t a failure on SNK’s part, but rather the end of this console’s limited run.

The NeoGeo X is a system meant to allow fans of the original system to play the games they love, without having to dish out hundreds of dollars for the original system. The X comes with 20 games already preloaded on the console and a game card slot to play other titles.

The Future of the NeoGeo X

If you’re wondering whether or not more titles will be released on the console, SNK has assured that there are still titles scheduled for release. The NeoGeo library is huge, and there are plenty of gems for them to re-release on this newer console.


Considering the console’s limited edition status, chances are it’s going to rise in value much as its predecessor did. There has been no word yet as to whether production has stopped in North America and Europe as well, but either way the window to the NeoGeo X being available is steadily closing.

[Update: After speaking with Tommo, Siliconera reports that the standard NeoGeo X is still in production. The limited edition NeoGeo X Gold is not so lucky, however.]

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