Netflix Catches Pokemon Journeys — It’s Super Effective!

The newest Pokemon anime is coming to Netflix as a Netflix original.

The newest Pokemon anime is coming to Netflix as a Netflix original.
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The newest Pokemon anime series, Pokemon Journeys, is coming to Netflix this June as a Netflix original. The first 12 episodes will be available on June 12, and “another 12 episodes will be added every three months for the duration of the season.” As of this writing, there are only 25 total episodes in the series. 

Pokemon Journeys first aired in Japan last year, coinciding with the Pokemon Sword and Shield launch. Unlike basically every season of Pokemon before it, Pokemon Journeys doesn’t drop Ash and Pikachu into an anime version of the latest games.

Instead, Ash goes back home to Pallet Town before setting out to see the world. Professor Oak introduces him to a colleague named Professor Cerise, and Ash meets the ambitious new Pokemon trainer Goh. Professor Cerise task the pair with uncovering Pokemon mysteries throughout the world’s various regions. Whether that means we’ll see returns to places like Johto and Sinnoh or if the pair will travel to completely new regions, we’ll just have to see.

Either way, the Pokemon Journeys reveal trailer shows a number of legendary Pokemon making a return, including Mew and Lugia. And seeing as Goh’s partner is Scorbunny, we’re pretty confident Galar Pokemon will be making an appearance as well.

June’s a big month for Pokemon Sword and Shield fans, as that’s when the first part of the Sword and Shield expansion pass, the Isle of Armor, launches.

You can check out the original announcement over on the Pokemon website. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon Journeys news as it appears.

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