Oh boy! Netflix got an update on the Wii U!

Netflix gets an update for the Wii U

Oh boy! Netflix got an update on the Wii U!

At long last Netflix got an update on the Wii U! This morning many binge watchers were delighted to see the brand new changes.

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You now have the ability to watch Netflix from your own profile instead of having all the shows and movies you watch go onto the original Netflix profile. Finally, you can watch BoJack Horseman without your family judging you.

The entire application has received a brand new interface similar to the one on the PS3 and now images are displayed on the TV and the Wii U’s gamepad.

If you don’t have automatic updates turned on or if you haven’t had the time yet, be sure to go to the eShop and update Netflix right away so you can enjoy a nice and long weekend of binge-watching dozens upon dozens of tv shows and movies as you eat snacks and get comfy on the couch. Have a great weekend!


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