Neverwinter: Hunter Ranger Class Announced For New Shadowmantle Expansion

All the latest news on the upcoming Shadowmantle expansion.

All the latest news on the upcoming Shadowmantle expansion.

For all those who were chomping at the bits for an archer type class in Neverwinter, the wait is almost over! Perfect World Entertainment has just announced their latest expansion module for Neverwinter, an it’s packed full of new stuff for players to enjoy.

  • Hunter Ranger
  • Expanded Paragon Paths
  • Dread Ring Campaign
  • Artifacts
  • Collections
Hunter Ranger:

The biggest news in the upcoming Shadowmantle expansion is the Hunter Ranger class. This class had a very brief teaser in the Sprite Companion video. Along with the official announcement of the class, Perfect World Entertainment released a video to introduce the Hunter Ranger.

Here is the teaser from the Sprite Companion video.

The only specifics we’ve been given on the class mechanics are that you can swap between melee and ranged “on the fly.” Whether that means you can swap with no cooldown time in between is unknown.

Another image of the Hunter Ranger using melee attacks.

Paragon Paths:

With the Shadowmantle expansion, the class Paragon Paths will be expanded as well. Current classes will see an additional At-Will, Encounter and Daily. There will also be three additional Class Features and Feats. This will add more customization to the classes.

Dread Ring Campaign:

In response to feedback on the Feywild Campaign being too linear, Dread Ring is a less-linear campaign. This new campaign boasts new loot, rewards, buffs, powerful items and iconic Dungeons & Dragons bosses. This looks like a very promising new campaign.

Look at that dragon, don’t you just want to hug him?


Artifacts appear to be a new equipment slot item. These items level up and become more powerful as they increase in level. Artifacts grant characters unique powers and can be obtained through quest rewards, campaign rewards, and monster drops.


For all those lovers of shiny things, Neverwinter has something new for you. Collections is like an achievement system for collecting items. By collecting certain items, you get points that unlock special loot.

Shadowmantle has something new for everyone. For complete details, check out the official announcement on the Neverwinter site. To try out the new update before it releases, join the Preview server.

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