Neverwinter’s Fury of the FeyWild

Neverwinter has a new upgrade called Fury of the Feywild.
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Neverwinter, the free action MMORPG game from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment has announced a new content expansion module called Fury of the Feywild due out August 22, 2013.

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The Fury of the Feywild will add a new adventure zone called Sharandar, new bosses and minions, new items, new professions, and a new dungeon called Malabog Castle.

Inside of Malabog Castle Sharandar will have a new Campaign System where you will have projects that must be completed before you can open other sections of Sharandar. To complete the projects it looks like it will take accumulating rewards from various tasks.

Those excited by the new module can buy a Knight of Feywild pack to get some of the content early. The pack is $59.99 and includes a Moon Elf Race, a unicorn, a Slyph Companion, who will fight for you, a fashion set, a Stone of Earth, which will help your defenses, 600,000 astral diamonds, your character gets named a Knight of Feywild, an additional character slot, which is helpful when you only start with two, and a PWE Games Gift Package, which includes gift items for each of the Perfect World Games. For example, in Perfect World the gift is a Dreamchaser Pack, a Regal Owl Pet Egg, a VIP Platinum Crown, and a Demon/Sage Event Card.

There is also a Feywild Starter Pack at $19.99 which includes a Portal Hound Companion, a Feywild Hunter’s Ring, a Fine Elven Silk Bag, and an Adventurer’s Helper Pack.

This is a free to play game so there is no need to buy the packs. Some of the features will only be available if you buy the packs, like being named a Knight of Feywild, but most will come out with time.

I am looking forward to the expansion, but I doubt I will pay the money for the packs.

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