New 3D Sonic game coming next year

Sonic makes his next gen debut

Sonic makes his next gen debut
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The Sonic the Hedgehog news keeps on coming, as another Sonic game was announced at last nights Sonic Anniversary party. Along with the 2D game, Sonic Mania, Sonic will be teaming up, yet again, with his Genesis counterpart for a new Sonic game.

Currently Titled “Project Sonic 17“, the “epic title” is in development from the same team that made 2010’s Sonic Colors and 2011’s Sonic Generations. It’s also been confirmed that it won’t be a sequel to Sonic Generations, despite it staring Classic Sonic, and will feature a much “darker” tone than past games have had.

Project Sonic 17” will be released on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo’s upcoming new console, the Nintendo NX (Which makes it one of the first 3rd party games confirmed to be available for the new system.) SEGA also showed off Sonic’s upcoming appearance in LEGO Dimensions. Are you hyped for the new title? Leave your thoughts below.

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