New Angry Birds Game Announcement Coming Tomorrow [Updated 2/13]

The new Angry Birds game being coined only with the hashtag "#NewAngryBirds," will soon get a name!
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The popular game, Angry Birds, has been at the top of the app charts since its release way back in 2009. The game sparked a frenzy with merchandise, special editions, books, a cartoon series and recently a new movie! Announcing the next big series tomorrow will be the developers of the bird app Rovio Entertainment.  

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The official Angry Birds Twitter account tweeted out three teasers for the upcoming un-titled new adventure. Pictures of our favorite silhouetted characters from the game are all we get until tomorrow with the tweets reading “It’s Coming!” and that we’ll finally be able to know the name soon! 

The first tweet sent out by the team offered us a glimpse of one of the characters. 
The next, sent out two hours later read…

 and finally their last tweet of the day…

More information about Rovio Entertainment’s new Angry Birds game coming soon! Will you be one of the fans joining the ride? Tell us about your favorite version of Angry Birds below!

Update: The name of the new game is Angry Birds Stella! The official twitter revealed and has directed everyone to their Tumblr page for more updates that are supposedly coming soon! As for now, we know that “five new angry birds will join Stella on her new adventure,” according to the post. 

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