New App Overdog Could Be The End To Horrible Multiplayer Matches

Tired of matching with people who don't act like you well Overdog just might be your answer.
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Ever feel like you just want to meet someone online that likes the same things as you. 

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Overdog just might be your answer.

Their mission statement says they seek to match people who are predisposed to liking each other.  In fact the whole thing acts like a dating service; when you launch the app it asks questions to understand what you like.  The more questions you answer the more likely you are to get a good match.

Even the interface is easy to understand and use.  The matchmaking tab allows you to look without pressure and a good match is a click and a conversation away.  This app encourages sociability, but if you are a loner and like it that way this isn’t the app for you.  It is a free app and download, so even if you are social and you don’t like the app it doesn’t hurt your pocket book.

Currently the app is only available on the Microsoft console in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. Overdog does have plans on expanding its regions and availability on other consoles after it makes sure its launch is smooth. 

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