New Back 4 Blood Trailer Highlights Extensive Card System

The latest Back 4 Blood trailer shows off the game's deep card customization system and brutal AI.

The latest Back 4 Blood trailer shows off the game's deep card customization system and brutal AI.
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The Back 4 Blood release date might have been delayed until fall 2021, but Turtle Rock still has something new to tease us with. The latest Back 4 Blood trailer shows the game’s signature card system in detail and promises both extensive customization and replayability. 

The card system is much more refined already than it was a few months ago during the Back 4 Blood alpha. It starts with the game dealing you a set of Corruption Cards that alters each stage’s difficulty. Then you choose your cards, either from a set of pre-dealt cards or from random cards dealt from your own deck.

There’s a vast range of cards to choose from. There’s a card to enhance your health or give you a close-combat knife, plus cards that improve visibility, grant additional weapon types and ammo, and more.

Smart deck building and coordination will be key to Back 4 Blood gameplay. Some decks let you build a healer character, while others turn you into a melee monster-destroying machine. 

The goal is figuring out what builds work best with your team and what you need for each stage.

It’s a dynamic process, since Back 4 Blood‘s AI, dubbed The Game Director, changes the level every time you play. No strategy will work the same twice.

Back 4 Blood releases October 12 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. A Back 4 Blood beta is planned for sometime in summer 2021.

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