Balan Wonderworld's co op multiplayer mode makes plumbing the depths of a damaged soul a bit easier.

New Balan Wonderworld Trailer Highlights Co Op Mode

Balan Wonderworld's co op multiplayer mode makes plumbing the depths of a damaged soul a bit easier.

Balan Wonderworld puts Leo or Emma center stage as they break through their emotional barriers, but the latest Balan trailer shows it’s better not to go alone.

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Co op in Balan Wonderworld means combining costume powers to make navigating the depths of the soul just a bit easier. The new trailer shows Leo and Emma pairing up to cross massive gaps by pairing hover and platform-creating costumes, for example.

Another segment has one hero making ice blocks for the other to position and overcome one of the game’s many obstacles, and co-op makes gathering collectibles safer with one character acting as a guard so the other can vacuum everything in sight.

In short, Balan Wonderworld wants you to play it with someone else, which makes sense considering Balan is about coming to terms with emotional hardship and restoring connections with humanity. However, you’ll only be able to play Balan Wonderworld‘s co op in local multiplayer. As yet, there’s no online multiplayer support.

We enjoyed our early time with Balan Wonderworld back in January, though it did feel a bit like a relic from another time. We said that “if the gameplay itself can capture some of the magic and style that it clearly has, it could be a fun, bombastic brainteaser of a 3D platformer. As of right now, it kind of feels like someone slapped a shiny coat of paint on a GameCube launch title.”

Read more about our hands-on impressions while you wait for the game’s release later this week. 

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