New Battlefield 1 teaser shows off weapons, new trailer coming June 12th

Battlefield 1 will focus on a time when weapons were not exactly state of the art. No worries, this new teaser confirms some solid options to bludgeon people to death.
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It may have been brief, but it showed us enough. A new Battlefield 1 teaser has surfaced and it shows off just a select few weapons that players will be getting their hands on. Prepare to beat someone to death with a shovel because melee combat will never be the same after this game.

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The teaser was brief and it only showed off a machine gun, some mustard gas and a spiked club, but if it showed anymore then it wouldn’t exactly be a teaser. Fans wanting more won’t have to wait long as a new Battlefield 1 trailer will be revealed on June 12th. Surely, more weapons and combat options will be revealed, but until then, people will just have to keep the teaser and reveal trailer on a loop.

Battlefield 1 appears to be the big game for EA this year at E3, along with Titanfall 2. What will you be looking for when the new Battlefield 1 trailer is revealed? Do you have a sudden urge to bludgeon someone to death with a spiked bat? If so, you will have to wait until October when Battlefield 1 releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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