New Boss and more coming to Killing Floor 2 soon

Some big changes are coming to Killing Floor 2 soon.

Some big changes are coming to Killing Floor 2 soon.

If you are one of the people who is upset about the microtransactions that are coming to Killing Floor 2, Tripwire Interactive has something that might make you feel better. Coming this December, players of Killing Floor 2 will have an update to look forward to that will add a bunch of new and exciting content to the game.

The update will be called “The Return of the Patriarch Content Pack”. This free content pack that will feature some exciting things. It will include two new maps, one new perk set, six new weapons, one new playable character named Disten Jaegerhorn (unlocked by subscribing to the official KF2 group of Steam), the zed-conomy and the trading floor store (microtransactions), the return of the “The Patriarch” boss, and other features that have yet to be released.

In a recent PC Gamer interview, Alan Wilson, Vice President of Tripwire Interactive, said this about the new boss:

“Once he’s taken a bit of damage, so long as he can get away, he’ll disappear, stab himself with a healing syringe in a quiet corner, and cover his retreat by throwing a bunch of lower-level monsters at you.”

This new feature will make The Patriarch that much harder to kill, and fighting him will be like a game of cat and mouse. You will have to chase down the boss to stop him from healing himself, and at the same time kill the hordes of enemies he is spawning behind him as he runs. The Patriarch will be just like the boss from the first game, but will be larger and look a lot more mutated. He will still have a giant Gatling gun for one hand and a giant “Deathclaw” like hand for the other.

The two new maps that will be coming to Killing Floor 2 are called The Black Forest and Farmhouse. The Black Forest will be a wooded map with little streams running throughout.  The map will also feature a set of railroad tracks and a cabin — both will help break up the woods and to act as spawn points for enemies. The second map, Farmhouse, will contain — yep, you guessed it — a farmhouse. The map will also have crop fields for enemies to come from (like Children of the Corn), a barn, and a hayloft. It sounds like it may be similar to the farm map that was in Killing Floor 1.

With the addition of the Patriarch, Killing Floor 2 now has two bosses, Hans and the Patriarch. Now you may be asking yourself: “How do I know which boss I will fight on each map?” Well that’s the cool thing — you won’t. Each map will have a 50/50 chance of either boss spawning, so you and your team need to be ready for anything.

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