New details on PS4 exclusive ABZU, from creators of Journey

Giant Squid has given a lot of new information about spiritual successor to Journey, ABZU.

Giant Squid has given a lot of new information about spiritual successor to Journey, ABZU.

Giant Squid, developer of Journey and Flower, has shed some new details on its upcoming PS4 exclusive ABZU.

ABZU was revealed at last years Sony E3 conference and was dubbed as a spiritual successor to hugely successful Journey. While its predecessor was an exploration game set in a beautiful desert, ABZU takes place underwater and continues the trend of exploration without combat or restarts.

“You play as a lone diver who descends deeper and deeper into the sea, searching for her true purpose.” Says Matt Nava, Creative Director on ABZU

“Encounters with majestic creatures await and forgotten secrets lie hidden in dense kelp forests, sparkling reefs, and the murky abyss.”

The lone diver is a female, although Nava hasn’t revealed her name, if she has one.

Of course, the protagonist of Journey was known simply as, The Traveller. ABZU is also solely about exploration and about uncovering the mysteries that the ocean holds. Nava explained that the name ABZU translates to “The Ocean of Wisdom.”

The player scuba dives into the vast ocean but there is no air gauge, thus no limitation to where you can go and how long you can spend in the ocean. You can also develop relationships with the wildlife of the ocean, riding with them in sync. The fish are procedurally generated and travel in schools, like real-life fish. Nava tries to convey the “magic” of swimming with any number of fish, including manta rays and whales.

Many people adored the music of Journey which integrated seamlessly with the gameplay and your progression. The good news is, Austin Wintory, the composer of Journey, is back for ABZU. Nava claims that music plays as central a role this time around, and that the gameplay and music become one: “This ensures a harmony of visuals and sound that gives the world of ABZU its unique atmosphere and identity.”

ABZU doesn’t have a release date as of yet but Giant Squid promise new details soon. The game is exclusive to PS4 and will be playable at Sony’s E3 booth this week. Stay tuned for more details on ABZU.

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