New Digimon Story Game Reconfirmed to be in Development

New information on the upcoming Digimon Story title, as well as Digimon Survive.

New information on the upcoming Digimon Story title, as well as Digimon Survive.

In the most recent issue of Weekly Famitsu, Digimon Survive producers Katsuaki Tsuzuki and Kazumasa Habu reconfirmed that a new Digimon Story title is currently in development. This comes after it was first revealed to be in development last December.

The two producers also shared more information about upcoming strategy survival RPG, Digimon Survive, claiming that it is being made to tide fans over until the next Digimon Story title, and they hope it will become a series of its own like both Digimon Story and Digimon World.

The producers also talked about how various characters can die depending on player choices, and they feel that certain story developments would be more difficult to implement in an anime series. At the moment, there are three different scenario routes which lead to different outcomes, but they may add another one as development continues.  Digivolutions will be affected by scenario choices as well.

Additionally, the status of enemies and allies will be shown during battle, and victory conditions will change depending on player choices. 

Digimon Survive is set to feature over 100 different Digimon, but the developers wanted to focus on Digimon that match the atmosphere of the world rather than the number of Digimon featured in-game. They would also like to add more Digimon original to the game in the future.

Development is said to be only 30% complete at the time of the interview, but Digimon Survive is still set to launch sometime in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe. It will only launch on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan.

It will be the first Digimon title to release on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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