New Drive Club Screenshots With Lots of Driving But No Clubbing

We all know Drive Club is about two things. Driving, and Clubs. Sadly no clubs of any kind (neither the weapon nor the place to buy LSD in the back room) are featured in these new screenshots. But you know what they do have? CARS. Lots of cars. Some people to, just to shake things up.

Now here is a blue hammerhead in it's natural habitat. Observe how it holds it's young in it's cockpit, shielding them from the fast moving asphalt that would turn them into a pile of misshapen bones and fabric upon contact.

Also which is it. Is it DRIVECLUB? Driveclub? Drive Club? And where are the clubs?! I want to smash my opponent with a cave man club that has iron sights and a front-grip.

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"My family crest is a blank family crest, because if your family don't dance, and your friends don't dance, well then they're no friends of mine!"

"Look at them. They love him. Not because he's got good gas mileage. But because he has fuzzy dice on his mirror..."

"Guys! Wait up! I said on the count of three!"

If you look very closely, you can see Nathan Drake screaming to his death in the mountains above.

Stop staring at my tailpipes you perv.

For some strange reason I feel the urge to say "quatro."

Sebulba cheats. "He always wins!"

It takes a lot of effort to make racing screen shots this boring and disinterested with the actual gameplay on screen. APPRECIATE IT DAMMIT! APPRECIATE OUR LACK OF CONCERN FOR GAMEPLAY!

Hey look, actual racing-ish content.

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