New Eden Open: Day 1 Matches 5-8

New Eden Open match summaries and video links: Day 1 Oxygen Isonopes vs. Africa‘s Finest Something Else vs. The Exiled Gaming Perihelion Beryllium Duralumin vs. Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters ISN – Incursion Shiny Network vs. Baaaramu


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Oxygen Isonopes vs. Africa‘s Finest

EVE Online’s most (un)popular villains, Goonswarm, are unofficially represented by Oxygen Isonopes, whilst Africa’s Finest are made up of this year’s surprise Alliance Tournment champions, Verge of Collapse. The match was a very electronic warfare-heavy affair, but Oxygen Isonopes setup seemed to have suffered from the strategic ship banning rule, removing any real damage potential from their fleet and making it a very one-sided affair in favour of Africa’s Finest.

RESULT: Oxygen Isonopes 0 – 70 Africa’s Finest 


Something Else vs. The Exiled Gaming

A classic setup from multi-alliance veterans Something Else saw them field a fleet built around three viscious Sleipnir command ships versus a very non-traditional four battleship team from The Exiled Gaming, a group of self-confessed rookies from a small high-sec alliance. Perhaps it was The Exiled Gaming‘s inexperience showing with their odd fleet setup, but their inability to deal with the much more versatile Something Else squad saw them make no impact and were destroyed without reply.

At least the losers got a consolation point as the result of the opposition fielding not spending all of their 70 ship selection points.

RESULT: Something Else 70 – 1 The Exiled Gaming


Perihelion Beryllium Duralumin vs. Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters 

GWICF fielded a fleet based around long-range artillery equipped Machariels and Perihelion had a great counter in a range-dampening electronic warfare fleet. An early shot took out Perihelion Keres electronic attack frigate and a chase began between two Perihelion Kronos battleships chasing a GWICF Machariel. A Perehelion Vargur became separated from the fleet and a finely balanced race began with a Kronos taking heavy armour damage as the Vargur came under fire. Pivotally, the Kronos exploded first and Perihelion‘s strategy started to crumble. There were no losses for GWICF.

RESULT: Perihelion Beryllium Duralumin 0 – 70 Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters


ISN – Incursion Shiny Network vs. Baaaramu

ISN brought advanced Vargur marauder battleships versus a brave and volatile mix of Rattlesnake drone battleships and stealth bomber frigates from Baaaramu. Early frigate losses for Baaaramu and a weak reply with ineffective warden drones saw them deploy better ones with improved tracking. Meanwhile, three ISN Hawk assault frigates began working well to pick off small Baaaramu ships, but the ongoing frigate dogfight swung in Baaaramu‘s favour. The match slowed with no real damage being applied by either side. Time ticked down resulting in a 8-19 points victory to Baaaramu.

RESULT: ISN – Incursion Shiny Network 8 – 19 Baaaramu

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