New Eden Open: Day 1 Matches 9-11

New Eden Open match Summary and Video Links: Day 1 Asine Hitama‘s team vs. EFS Much Crying Old Experts vs. DeepWater Blue Ballers vs. The Reputation Cartel


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Asine Hitama‘s team vs. EFS

Asine Hitama‘s team favoured speed with two Machariel battleships, three Stabber cruisers and three Sabre interdictors against EFS‘s twin Vindicator faction battleships with logistics and frigate support. Asine Hitama‘s team used their superior speed to kite the opposition, picking off enemy frigates from range. Blows were traded and ships were lost on both sides with EFS suffering more. They were soon left with just their two Vindicators, who were helpless until a Mach boundary violated, almost evening the points. Further ships were traded, resulting two minutes of cat-and-mouse between Asine Hitama‘s team‘s Machariel and Stabber against the Vindicator before it finally fell.

RESULT: Asine Hitama’s team 70 – 43 EFS


Much Crying Old Experts vs. DeepWater

Much Crying Old Experts (Engrish for “Bittervet”) fielded a team based around Sleipnirs with logistic and frigate support. Deepwater went for an ECM-heavy setup with Rooks, logistics and frigates. Deepwater suffered an early Griffin frigate loss before they could apply their ECM to prevent the enemy from targeting, but then managed to focus fire on Much Crying Old Experts‘ Scimitar logistics cruiser. With incoming damage mostly reduced to drone fire, Deepwater still nearly lost a Rook, but it was saved by timely repairing from their Oneiros. The ECM stonewall continued and a Much Crying Old Experts Sleipnir eventually fell when its ancillary shield booster charge expired. Deepwater fought their way to an emphatic victory thereafter.

RESULT: Much Crying Old Experts 3 – 70 Deepwater 


Blue Ballers vs. The Reputation Cartel

Blue Ballers‘ Eos and Proteus-centric fleet faced off against The Reputation Cartel‘s double-Kronos spearhead with a Curse providing interference. Both sides had logistics and frigate support. The Reputation Cartel‘s Curse made its presence felt early, with capacitor neutralisation and target dampening spread across the Blue Baller fleet, who subsequently lost a Thrasher (destroyer), Rifter (frigate) and most vitally an Oneiros (logistics) without reply. Positioning and fire exchange took place for two minutes before further Blue Ballers losses, with the battle quickly becoming a one-sided victory for The Reputation Cartel, with good strategy and execution on their part.

RESULT: Blue Ballers 0 -70 The Reputation Cartel

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