New Eden Open: Day 2 Match 22

New Eden Open match summary and video link: Day 2 The Reputation Cartel vs. Team Ineluctable.

New Eden Open match summary and video link: Day 2 The Reputation Cartel vs. Team Ineluctable.

The Reputation Cartel vs. Team Ineluctable.

Both teams arrived on the field relying on Sleipnir-based setups, with a pair of the Command Ship battlecruisers from The Reputation Cartel along with two Cyclone battlecruisers and four frigates in support. Team Ineluctable brought three Sleipnirs supported by a Curse advanced cruiser for electronic warfare support and four frigates of their own. It would be a face-off between sheer damage application from The Reputation Cartel against a slightly more elegant approach from Team Ineluctable.

As the match got underway, The Reputation Cartel set about delivering their hammer blow by closing down the Team Ineluctable as they tried to deploy their strategy. One of the encroaching Cyclones of The Reputation Cartel came under heavy fire, but it’s ancillary shield booster fired up, keeping it in the fight. Fire was returned and a Team Ineluctable Sleipnir shattered and burned despite using its own ancillary shield booster. Stasis webifier and neutraliser beams danced across the fray as a second Team Ineluctable Sleipnir collapsed under a devastating barrage of weapons fire.

The Reputation Cartel lost its first ship, an Enyo assault frigate, but kept piling on the damage at close quarters to crush the final enemy Sleipnir as they lost a second Enyo. With Team Ineluctable‘s damage potential lost with the Sleipnirs, the remaining ships could show little resistance and the arena was cleared of Team Ineluctable ships in just over three minutes.

RESULT: The Reputation Cartel 70 – 8 Team Ineluctable.

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