New Elder Scrolls Online Teaser

All New ESO Trailer Released

All New ESO Trailer Released

Yesterday, May 16th, The Elder Scrolls Online released a new trailer detailing what we can expect to see in this amazing looking MMORPG.

Anything Elder Scrolls related tends to bring out my inner-nerd and this trailer really did it for me. The fishing sounds awesome, and the added competition between friends is gonna be very interesting. With different bait options and a variety of fish I am sure I will be spending lots of time catching them all. The barrels and crates everywhere with loads of stuff in them have always been a great part of the series and ESO promises tons of them (I absolutely love taking things from barrels).

Tons of materials and recipes give you the ability to craft anything you find into one thingamajig or another. There will also be a lot of books to read, and reading the books in The Elder Scrolls has always been a favorite part for me. The books provide so much information about the world you could spend hours reading them, and there have always been so may of them in the games.

With tons of things to find and do I can’t wait to dive into The Elder Scrolls Online–see ya in Tamriel.

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