New Features and Improvements Headed To Xbox One In April System Update

New features are coming to Xbox One users in April.

New features are coming to Xbox One users in April.
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Hold on to your hats Xbox One users, this party is about to be dedicated. Microsoft has taken the suggestions made by its community to bring its users together. The April system update brings with it many new features that are designed to deal with many of the party issues players have been experiencing with the current system. Each unique chat will now have a dedicated server, which should reduce the amount of NAT issues users have to deal with. 

    (The new voice message feature coming in the April system update.)

Xbox is still working on a feature called “What’s on”. The feature will show users what is currently popular on Xbox. Your activity will dictate what appears in a section called “Staff Picks”. 

The April system update also brings the one feature I know I have been dying for most. Xbox One users will finally be able to send their friends a voice message. 

All of these features are available to members of the Xbox One Preview Program. This program is currently invite-only; however, if you have friends who are enrolled in the program then they can send you an invitation. You can read more about this upcoming system update at Xbox Wire

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