New Final Fantasy XV DLC Set To Release In March — Featuring Gladiolus

Square Enix has DLC on the way for Final Fantasy XV fans, set to be released in February, March, and throughout all of 2017. Here's what's coming in the short term.

Square Enix has DLC on the way for Final Fantasy XV fans, set to be released in February, March, and throughout all of 2017. Here's what's coming in the short term.

At last, Final Fantasy fans have a better idea of what to expect for the forthcoming downloadable content and expansions to the Final Fantasy XV story. Director Hajime Tabata has indicated that the story and gameplay will be expanded with the addition of Episode Gladio, which will be included in an update file set to release on March 28 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Fans who have kept up on the FFXV news from Square Enix know that the game is still technically “under development.” The FFXV game that everyone purchased on the game’s original release date is still very much growing and evolving. As part of this continued evolution, new DLC installments focusing on the stories of lead protagonist Noctis’ three close pals will be released throughout 2017. Now, the world knows that Gladio’s story will be the first to be released, followed by Prompto’s, and then finally Ignis’ tale. 

Trailer for Episodes Gladiolus and Prompto

Tabata revealed in an interview with Dualshockers that the extra content featuring Gladiolus was always intended to be the first expansion to be released. The content is also said to expand upon the action battle system, which will provide additional depth to the gameplay for FF fans who have already mastered the current battle system. 

As far as the remaining characters’ chapters, Tabata has leaked that Square Enix intends to save Ignis’ chapter for the last release of the three. This is largely due to the nature of the content having a profound impact on the story of FFXV. Prompto’s chapter is expected to be released in June, with Ignis’ chapter coming later in 2017. 

Tabata also mentioned that 70 percent of the game’s development team is still working on both free and paid downloadable content to improve and expand upon the world of FFXV. Only 30 percent have moved on to other projects, which is a small percentage relative to other game development cylces. With the resources in place, FF fans will be optimistically hoping for quality content to will help FFXV live up to the grandiose expectations for the Final Fantasy franchise.

For FFXV fans who were not very engaged by the in-game carnival DLC and are looking for something new prior to March 28, you can expect a few new DLC additions yet in February. Square Enix mentioned in an Active Time Report broadcast that the following updates are set to be released via a patch on February 21:

  1. Level cap to be increased to 120
  2. Time-limited quests added
  3. PS4 Pro support enhanced visuals (1080p/60 FPS)
  4. Increased photograph capacity (From 150 to 200)
  5. Mp3 music player will be available when riding a chocobo

These are fairly straightforward additions, but in particular, the 1080p/60FPS patch for PS4 Pro players could help make for a more visually-immersive game experience. Likewise, having new mob hunts via the time-limited quests and higher levels to attain will give fans some additional FFXV play time.

Time will tell if these expansions help FFXV go down in history as a masterpiece, or if it will fall short of such an acclaim in the eyes of the fans. 

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