Two somewhat complementary GTA 6 leaks appeared in the last few days, covering the game's alleged setting and plot, but is there any truth to them?

New GTA 6 Leaks Tell of Drug Wars, Decade-Spanning Story, and Bad Weather

Two somewhat complementary GTA 6 leaks appeared in the last few days, covering the game's alleged setting and plot, but is there any truth to them?

Some lengthy new leaks about Grant Theft Auto 6 emerged from the depths of the Internet recently, providing alleged inside information about the game’s setting, development process, and some features. As is always the case with leaks and rumors, they shouldn’t be taken as gospel truth until otherwise confirmed.

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Although some say these rumors are nothing but bunk (and they probably are nothing but bunk), it’s fun to take a look at them anyway. 

The first set of alleged leaks comes from Reddit user u/JackOLantern19, who claims to have friends at PCGamer and Kotaku who provided the information and a friend at Rockstar who didn’t deny the information — though, no uncle who works for Nintendo.

According to JackOLantern19’s reported source, Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in the works since 2012 (a staggering seven years), but only entered the production process in 2015; it’s being developed under the code name PROJECT AMERICAS and, now that Red Dead Redemption 2 has shipped, Rockstar is devoting its full attention to the game.

Despite entering production four years ago, Project Americas is supposedly still in a pre-alpha stage, with no anticipated release date. As such, when it does release, it will only be a next-gen game, the Reddit user says.

As for what the game would consist of, JackOLantern19 claims it’ll span multiple decades and encompass Liberty City, Vice City, and a fictional locale based on Rio de Janeiro. GTA 6‘s plot is said to be heavily inspired by the series Narcos, and like said Netflix series, follows a 1980s drug cartel leader  — Ricardo — as the sole main character in a vast open world.

The leaked information suggests GTA 6 will be skewed towards the more realistic in terms of mechanics. For example, gameplay will be heavily affected by weather like hurricanes, and the protagonist can only use as many weapons as he can carry.

Buildings and vehicles change as time passes, with an example about classic cars offered for illustration: a classic car from the 1980s suddenly becomes more valuable later in the game and reflects the state of the in-game economy.

The full list of information can be found here.

JackOLantern19 doesn’t post too often on Reddit, with the last post of note coming in 2018 on the tail of the many Ubisoft Predator game rumors. Thus far, none of the information provided then has turned out true, but it doesn’t necessarily mean their GTA 6 rumors are false as well (ahem).

The second set of supposed leaks comes from a Fireden user called GTAVIMan who claims to be involved in the game’s voice acting and recording. It’s a shorter set of information and corroborates some key points from the Reddit post, including the setting and basic plot.

However, it does contradict the number of playable protagonists, putting the number at four, with varying gameplay styles as the plot progresses.

It’s worth noting that despite being similar to the Reddit post in some key ways, there is less to support the Fireden poster’s claims, and the thread was archived just three days after it was originally posted.

As we can all suspect from the above information, this GTA 6 leak is probably fake. Even if we all know that Rockstar will officially announce the game someday, it will most likely look entirely different than what’s rumored here.   

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