New Guild Missions From Arenanet

Guild Wars 2 is offering five new types of missions specifically for guilds: Guild Rush, Guild Bounty, Guild Trek, Guild Challenge, and Guild Puzzle.
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Arenanet is getting close to their February patch for Guild Wars 2, and they’ve got some exciting-looking stuff on the way.  The news for today is guild missions.

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Guilds will now have the ability to unlock missions that they can launch.  These missions come in five different varieties and offer some unique rewards to the guilds that complete them.  Aside from the rewards given to each player, the guild itself can earn Guild Merits, which are new bonuses for the guild itself.

The missions all work very differently.  Guild Bounty missions task the guild to capture a specific target, with each target having various ways of trying to avoid being taken.  Guild Trek missions require the guild to locate certain places in Tyria within a time limit.  Guild Challenge missions are similar to the current in-world dynamic events, but with greater emphasis on cooperation rather than just numbers.  Guild Rush is a race across dangerous terrain, while Guild Puzzle is a jumping challenge for the whole guild.

These missions are also being touted as a way to meet new friends in Guild Wars 2, as they all take place in the live world.  This also means smaller guilds can still tackle the more difficult guild missions by getting help from passersby.

Keep your eyes peeled, if there are any more surprises coming with the February patch to Guild Wars 2, we can expect to hear about them imminently.

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