New Harvest Moon coming to PC with multi-platform debut

Welcome a new Harvest Moon game, coming to Wii U, PC, iOS, and Android

Welcome a new Harvest Moon game, coming to Wii U, PC, iOS, and Android

This morning Natsume dropped the following tweet, revealing Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

A few familiar faces from the popular farming simulation/RPG series.

This latest installment will be Harvest Moon‘s first ever release on the Wii U, and also marks the series’ debut on PC and mobile. As for the style of the game, Natsume has teased that Seeds of Memories will get back to the series’ roots, though nostalgia will be shaken up with a few modern twists. The completion of certain tasks is crucial in gathering these “seeds of memories.”

Now, of course, the classic waifu simulator that we all know and love wouldn’t be complete without, well, waifus. Luckily, Natsume has confirmed the inclusion of both five eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, meaning there will be no shortage of virtual romance to come.

Waifus and children of harvests past.

The usual farming, animal raising, fishing, and mining will all return, as well as the player’s trusty steed and faithful hound. News of a more exotic pet has surfaced as well, and I’d wager you didn’t know you wanted a bobcat until now.

Expecting a release this winter, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will be ripe for the picking by the end of the year. In the meantime, a first look at the game is scheduled for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), June 16-18.

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