New Hearthstone Adventure Announced

Back to Blackrock We Go in this new mode!

Back to Blackrock We Go in this new mode!

Blizzard announced a new adventure for Hearthstone today at PAX East, Blackrock Mountain.

Like the Curse of Naxxramas release last year, Blackrock Mountain will be another adventure mode for Hearthstone, rather than another expansion like Goblins and Gnomes.

The expansion will be based off of the Blackrock Mountain location in World of Warcraft, involving Ragnaros and Nefarian of Warcraft lore. The themes of this expansion will include dragons, elementals, and dwarves.

31 new cards will be available for players to unlock through the adventure mode. There will be class challenges like those from the Curse of Naxxramas, where players will be able to unlock class-specific cards, a Heroic-mode which will unlock a new card back for players who clear it and a new themed game board will release with the adventure.

New to this expansion is a pre-order bonus, an exclusive card back. Players can pre-order the expansion on March 19th and get this card back for their collection.

The adventure mode has five wings with their own bosses that will release on a weekly basis, much like Curse of Naxxramas. Each wing will cost $6.99 or 700 gold, and bundles will give you a discount – buying all five wings at once will cost $24.99.

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