New Heroes and The Labyrinth Coming to Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War

Kingdom of Heroes adds two new characters ahead of March's big Labyrinth update.

Kingdom of Heroes adds two new characters ahead of March's big Labyrinth update.
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The latest Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War update adds new heroes and some Alter Realm quality of life tweaks. Neowiz also teased Kingdom of Heroes‘ challenging new Labyrinth mode set to release in March.

Elisabeth and Gerda are Kingdom of Heroes‘ two new characters. Elisabeth is a five-star Dark Hero archer who uses her own health to rain down pain on her enemies. However, Gerda’s skills help restore her health, both from opponents and from leaching it out of party members.

Gerda is a five-star priest and a Water Hero specializing in support. In addition to regular healing abilities, Gerda can cast a buff on herself that, when it vanishes, heals the party and may create a shield against new attacks. 

Meanwhile, Neowiz is streamlining the Alter Realm with different difficulty levels, faster battle movements, and less time required for boss fights.

The Kingdom of Heroes March update adds the all-new Labyrinth mode, tasking players with getting their team as far as possible in the Labyrinth before death inevitably takes them. Health won’t recover after each fight, but players can resume where they last died until the Labyrinth cycle renews and starts everything afresh. 

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