IO kicks off Hitman 3's first round of special contracts in February with multiple new challenges for Agent 47.

New Hitman 3 Contracts Unveiled by IO in February Roadmap

IO kicks off Hitman 3's first round of special contracts in February with multiple new challenges for Agent 47.
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IO Interactive released a Hitman 3 roadmap for February, outlining several new escalation contracts and timed missions, including two exclusive to the game’s deluxe edition.

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The Baskerville Barney, Hitman 3‘s first special extra contract, is live now and finds 47 returning to Dartmoor. But this time, his appointment is with the entire Carlisle family. Each member is a target but can only be eliminated through accidents. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of ways to cause accidents at Thornbridge Manor.

On February 11, IO introduces the first set of Hitman 3‘s two featured contracts. The folks at the MinnMax Show created the first contracts, involving bananas and knife throwing in Dubai.

Kinda Funny is responsible for the second set, bringing even more chaos and destruction to Dartmoor when it goes live on Feburary 23.

Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition owners return to the Carpathian Mountains and Mendoza on February 23. The Proloff Parable tasks players with eliminating key targets onboard the last mission’s train using only a white katana and Sieger 300. Mendoza’s exclusive escalation contract is the Gauchito Antiquity, where 47 must eliminate each target after poisoning them with emetics.

Finally, Hitman 3‘s first round of elusive targets goes live from February 26 through March 8, when 47 must stalk and destroy The Deceivers on the streets of Sapienza.

If you’re just getting started with the World of Assassination and need some help before tackling these tougher challenges, check out our Hitman 3 guide collection for all your stealthy needs. 

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