New Horror Game Decay – The Mare Will “Keep Horror Gaming Alive”

Daedalic Entertainment is publishing Decay - The Mare, said to be a horrific homage to Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
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Daedalic Entertainment announced that they have picked up a new “3D psychological horror” game to push for publication titled Decay – The Mare for PC and Mac.

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Currently in development by Shining Gate Software, the episodic game puts the player in the shoes of Sam, the main protagonist who battles a drug addiction while checked into the Reaching Dreams Institution, hoping to kick his habits and turn his life around. Something “goes wrong” on his first night, however, and Reaching Dreams suddenly becomes nightmarish — incessantly so. 

When describing the game’s origins, Shining Gate’s Creative Director Fredrik Westlund said, “We’re huge fans of all classic horror-adventure games, and are creating the Decay series to keep horror gaming alive.”

Decay – The Mare is described by Daedalic as paying homage to games such as “the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, as well as to horror adventure games like Phantasmagoria, The 11th Hour and Gabriel Knight.”

With regards to the two companies’ partnership, Westlund thanked Daedalic in a statement.

“Thanks to our work with Daedalic Entertainment, we can complete Decay – the Mare now, and bring it to a wide audience of PC players, when Daedalic publishes the game on major digital download platforms, such as Steam.”

So far, Shining Gate has already developed the first two episodes, while the third is still in development. The three installments will be available in various languages for players, including English, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, and Russian.

The full game will be published upon completion, and is currently scheduled for release in February 2015.

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