New InFamous: Second Son Trailer Teases Fans

Introducing a new Conduit: Fetch. She looks like she could be Delsin's ally if you take him down the evil path.
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A new Infamous: Second Son trailer has surfaced from Gamescom. This one highlights a brand new conduit who calls herself Fetch. It also shows off a lot of action and a lot more of what Delsin can do.

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While Fetch only has one line of dialogue in the trailer, it seems like a pretty safe bet that she isn’t exactly a “good guy.” To venture a guess, she seems to be a violent protester of the anti-conduit movement, the D.U.P. This means that she will probably be either one of the game’s villains or the game’s evil ally, much like Nyx was in inFamous 2. She also appears to have lightning powers of some sort, much like the series’ former protagonist Cole MacGrath, although her lightning blasts are a lot more colorful, being bright blue and purple.

The trailer also showcases several of Delsin’s abilities. It seems like, despite having different powers, he’s going to control pretty similarly to Cole. He has rockets, normal shots, a similar looking glide, a powered chain for melee attacks, and an aerial slam attack that seems much more useful than Cole’s was. They also showcase Delsin’s ability to absorb the powers of other conduits. It shows him taking Fetch’s powers near the end of the trailer and getting his own Neon lightning. 

Delsin gets his purple lightning on.

The end of the trailer is the real kicker though. It shows Delsin walking down the street and draining the power from a neon sign before firing off a shot into the camera and the screen going black. While it does seem fairly obvious that this has something to do with Fetch’s powers, since his lighting glows the same way hers does, it is also obviously meant to get a rise out of fans hoping for the return of Cole. After the canonical hero ending of InFamous 2, Cole’s fate is left somewhat ambiguous, and there’s a lot of hope for a more definite word on what happened to him in Second Son. While I don’t think the end of the trailer has anything to do with Cole directly, it’s a pretty obvious tease for the fans.

So are you guys excited for Infamous: Second Son? Sound off in the comments, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Gamescom and PS4 news.

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