New Injustice Battle Trailer Starring Catwoman and Raven

Raven is now the second character we have confirmed as playable in Injustice this week.

Raven is now the second character we have confirmed as playable in Injustice this week.
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NetherRealm Studios has been busy with its press this week.  We saw Doomsday revealed as playable in Injustice: Gods Among Us earlier in the week and now we already have another character to examine and analyze, and this time we also get a look at one we’ve not yet seen in depth. released a video showing both Catwoman and Raven battling against each other.  The page showing the video has since been removed, hinting that the reveal was not supposed to be public yet.

However, as dozens of teenagers with webcams can attest, one does not simply delete footage from the internet.  Here’s the lowdown on the two ladies.

Claw or Caw

The character we already knew was playable that this video shows is Catwoman.  As might be expected, she’s fast.  Catwoman shows dashes using her claws fast enough to interrupt certain combos and moves.  That dash (or very similar ones) can have her placed in front of her target to proceed into a combo, past the target and safe, or grabbing the target before dashing away again.

Catwoman also shows an ability to duck under attacks before dashing forward to strike, giving her potential to punish a wide variety of moves.  Her only real projectile seems to be her whip, making her a definitely close-in fighter.

Raven, on the other hand, does have a projectile, though it doesn’t seem to be one she’ll be spamming anytime soon.  More inspiring in her own moveset is an aerial dive attack as well as a distance air grab.  Over the course of the battle she shows that grab can end with either slamming her opponent down, tossing them away, or pulling them towards her to combo.

Her moveset gets much more interesting when she exclaims, “Darkness take you!”  Her form glows and she gains some significantly more threatening abilities, including an at least moderately spammable teleport, a ranged attack shooting up from the ground over the distance of the full screen in height, and an immobilizing attack lasting long enough to set up a new combo.

Both of these ladies have some very tricky potential with both acrobatic finesse and supernatural force.  Let’s see if Injustice has any more surprises for us when the Battle Arena Quarterfinals go live.

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