New Kirby Game For the Nintendo 3DS!

Unnamed Kirby game coming to the Nintendo 3DS!

Unnamed Kirby game coming to the Nintendo 3DS!
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During the Nintendo Direct presentation today, Nintendo announced an upcoming Kirby title. Although the game has no official title, Kirby is a character we are all too familiar with, which is exciting! And after just releasing a special 20th anniversary pack, I think it will be fun to start the next 20 years with this one! (Please excuse my fangirling.)

Similar Gameplay but…it’s in 3D!

The trailer shows Kirby up to his usual antics, sucking up enemies and absorbing their powers in order to get past each level. Also he switches from foreground to background using special star powerups.

The game brings back memories and although the gameplay doesn’t look to be anything new, it seems to be more of a HD reboot of some of the other Kirby games like Nightmare in Dreamland and The Amazing Mirror. I know by reading comments on other articles that people are saying the game is just too similar to other Kirby games, but I think the game looks great and fun, bringing back what I see as a Kirby Superstar-like revamp. 

This new Kirby game will be available sometime in 2014. I am definitely getting this for my 3DS when it is released. Are you excited about this announcement from Nintendo? What is your favorite Kirby game of all time? I am going to have to go with Kirby Superstar!

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