New League of Legends Champion: Zac

Lets discuss Flubber--I mean, uh, Zac.

Lets discuss Flubber--I mean, uh, Zac.

Let’s talk about League’s new champ, Zac, the Secret Weapon. Or, as I like to call him, Flubber. With a face.

I’m a huge fan of League and I play almost nightly when I get home from work. I love most of the champions that Riot puts out, with very few exceptions. Zac definitely isn’t going to be an exception to this rule–he looks pretty stinkin’ ridiculous.

Zac’s Abilities

His passive, Cell Division, allows him to drop little pieces of his body as he’s fighting enemies and gain back missing HP. When he dies, he splits into four pieces that will attempt to reform–if any survive, Zac comes back with health based on the number of pieces of himself remaining. Think Anivia’s egg–only in fours.

His Q, Stretching Strike, is your basic melee attack. Nothing terribly special here except that the hit delivers a slow in a line behind the enemy.

His W, Unstable Matter, seems like it could be interesting to see in-game. Zac stretches his body out, dealing flat damage to enemies and then more damage based on their max health. 

His E, Elastic Slingshot, is essentially a rush that Zac charges up. However, he has to channel this ability and is therefore immobile until the dash occurs. This ability delivers a stun upon landing.

Finally, Zac’s ultimate, Let’s Bounce, turns Zac into a big bouncy ball. I’m not kidding. Upon the initial bounce, he knocks up, damages and slows all enemies in the area. He then bounces three more times, dealing damage with each bounce.

Should I Buy?

Well, given that Riot has bumped up the price of new champions, my answer to this will always be no. My advice to you would be to wait until he’s free, and then decide whether or not he’s worth the purchase. Keep in mind that some people really do just have 14k+ IP laying around, in which case I would say go right ahead. Or pay with real dollars.

I’m awaiting his spotlight and release, and will probably try him out during his free week.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with Zac’s skin set and whether or not they reference any other familiar green blobs.


What do you think of Zac? What ability do you like the most, and which do you hate? What are your ideas for his skins?

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