New League of Legends Skin: Bear Cavalry Sejuani

Get ready to tear up the jungle with the new Bear Cavalry Sejuani!

Get ready to tear up the jungle with the new Bear Cavalry Sejuani!

Following the conclusion of the League of Legends CIS Regional Tournament finals in Moscow, a new Sejuani skin was revealed on the official Riot Games Twitch Livestream!

Donning the traditional Russian ushanka (fur cap) and replacing her boar Bristle with a ferocious, armored bear, Bear Cavalry Sejuani is looking to tear up the jungle in Russian-inspired style!

 You can check out the official announcement on the Russian League of Legends website. Here’s an English translation of the new skin’s preview:

“In the cold and frozen fields of Freljord even the most hardened warriors are held tested by nature’s elements. Those with hopes to survive have to understand the very essence of nature’s forces. The leader of the Winter’s Claw and unmatched  boar rider, Sejuani, has learned to tame these forces like no other. But there comes a time when even the bravest of warriors have to call on the cavalry. And by cavalry we mean bears. Huge, angry, armored bears.”

The new Sejuani skin will be arriving soon to celebrate the recent launch of the LoL Russian server. Following traditional server launch commemorations, the Bear Cavalry Sejuani skin will be free for players currently on the Russian servers. All other servers can expect the new skin to arrive shortly afterwards for purchase.

This bear-riding Sejuani looks really badass, but personally, I’m still waiting for a Poro-riding Sejuani skin!

“3 Poros of Freljord” artwork by inkinesss 

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