New maps, new vehicles, and the ability to record matches in Armored Warfare update 0.14

Armored Warfare's 0.14 update brings with it new maps, missions, balances to gameplay, and the capability to record matches and take screenshots.

The new Armored Warfare update is here, and it brings a new PvP map, new missions, new vehicles, and a new feature that allows players to record their battles from their perspective to the game.

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The new map, known as Highwall, puts you and your team in the middle of a battle for a piece of land that’s rich with natural resources, and the two new PvE missions have you fighting to take control of an airstrip used to ship supplies and protecting a train carrying a munitions shipment.

The update also implements an overhaul of the penetration values of Light-Class tanks and Tank Destroyers that are Tier 6 or higher. writes on their Armored Warfare page:

“In some select cases, we’ll also be improving penetration for TDs that are already in average ranges, but might need some extra punch to fit the TD role.”

Numerous changes were also made that mostly concern Main Battle Tank players, in a bid to reduce the more unpopular aspects of high-tier gameplay.

A replay system has also been implemented with update 0.14, allowing players to record matches from their perspective. They can pause, resume, or stop recordings, as well as increase and decrease the speed at which the recording plays back. There is also the option to spectate specific vehicles in a match or switch into a free-roam mode.

Screenshots can also be saved and shared to social media using the INSERT key.

For more information, visit the official announcement page.

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