New Mimikyu Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Details Released

The latest batch of information showcases an all-new Z-Move for the Ghost/Fairy type.
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As promised, The Pokemon Company delivered its newest batch of news for the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This time, it’s all about a new move for Mimikyu, the fan-favorite Ghost/Fairy type that debuted in the original Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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Normally, if given a Fairium Z to hold with Play Rough in its move roster, Mimikyu can take advantage of the powerful Fairy type Z-Move Twinkle Tackle. That still holds true in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. However, there’s now a new second Z-Crystal it can hold: Mimkium Z.

If Mimikyu knows Play Rough and holds this Z-Crystal, it can use Let’s Snuggle Forever, a brand new Z-Move that’s also Fairy type. This move hasn’t been used yet by most players, of course, but the Pokemon Company promises it’s even more powerful than Twinkle Tackle. You can get an idea of how it plays in the new trailer above.

If this is your first time seeing the Pokemon, know that it doesn’t actually look like Pikachu. In fact, no one has seen what’s underneath Mimikyu’s rag — and lived. It’s a shy Pokemon that longs for affection, so it covers itself with a rag in the form of that most popular of Pokemon, Pikachu. It can use its power to change the rag into any form it desires, and the rag can also protect Mimkyu from an enemy attack one time during battle.

Do you plan on adding this new move to your battle tactics? Let us know in the comments! Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon news and guides as they develop. 

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